what are pros and cons of bulletproof backpack?

All Bulletproof Backpack Inserts Are the Same

Are all bulletproof backpack inserts the same? Are they made from the same materials? Do they all come with straps for easy transport? How do you choose the right backpack to insert for your needs? Whether you found this article on the internet as you headed to the store or you found it while sifting through the newspaper, you probably have lots of questions:


First off, are all bulletproof backpack inserts the same?

No, of course not. All differ in materials and features. However, all are made with one thing in mind: maximum protection for your investment.


So how do you choose the right bulletproof backpack insert for your needs?

The first thing to consider is how secure you need the material to be. If you plan on storing a handgun in it (which is highly unlikely), you’ll want something with thick material and reinforced corners. This will make it very difficult for even small fingers to get a hold of the gun. On the other hand, if you plan on traveling with your gun and equipment, or transporting it in a vehicle, a backpack insert that is sturdily constructed will keep it safe from both bumps and bruises.


Speaking of bumpy roads

polyethylene bulletproof backpack inserts aren’t as forgiving when it comes to handling rough conditions. That said, all types come with straps for durability and safety, but some models (like the Steel Warrior) have more padding in the shoulder straps and a padded waist belt. That way, you get extra support for your upper body. There are also shoulder straps for carrying in a cross-legged position, which gives extra protection to the hips and shoulders. The polyethylene is treated to absorb shock, so it’s much less likely to shatter than regular polyurethane backpacks.


After considering all of these features

the last thing you need to look at is the ease of use. This doesn’t matter too much for most people, since you’re not going to be carrying anything too heavily, anyway. But there are still features that you might find useful, like an internal or external clip, or a quick-release swivel belt strap.


The bottom line is that all bulletproof inserts have their pros and cons.

For most people, the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages. If you need the extra support for your pistol, or if you need an easy to carry, lightweight option for transporting your gear, then polyethylene is probably a good choice. If you want something more substantial and stronger, then you might want to consider high-density polyurethane inserts, or possibly level iii inserts. But for general use, the majority of backpack gun protection systems will be made with standard polyurethane or other materials.

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