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the Solar Power As Your Green Energy Source and Wind Energy

Solar Power As Your Green Energy Source and Wind Energy

The green energy future rests upon the premise that solar power and battery technology are experiencing the type of disruptive transformation experienced not only in communications and computing but by far most significantly in the green energy sector worldwide. It’s not surprising that leading climate change scientists are touting solar as a key source of greenhouse gas emissions removed from the atmosphere. In fact, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has concluded that the transition to a world powered by solar energy could be complete as early as this decade. The research was published in the prestigious Journal of Energy Research: Science and Environmental Policy.

At the current time

it is cost-effective to install residential solar power systems over the electric grid as opposed to having to purchase an electric generating plant. It’s also far more attractive financially as well as environmentally speaking to generate your own electricity from solar energy. Most people are highly motivated to do this on several different levels. On the one hand, it presents tremendous monetary savings upfront while also reducing their carbon footprint and therefore global warming. Additionally, since there is a lot less pollution from solar energy sources, air quality is improved as less toxic gases and pollutants are released into the atmosphere.

The recent developments regarding geothermal

and solar power is not an isolated occurrence. For decades geothermal engineers and solar enthusiasts have been discussing the prospects for exploiting geothermal resources like the geysers and hot springs located throughout the world. While most people remain skeptical about harnessing this power source, the experts are now at the point where geothermal experts are fairly confident that it can in fact be done. There are two main reasons for this optimism. First, the number of technically accessible locations where geothermal resources can be accessed has been growing steadily every few years as well as the understanding and acceptance of the benefits that have to be achieved by harnessing these powerful renewable energy sources. Second, the Earth’s temperature is consistently consistent, meaning that harnessing geothermal energy results in almost zero impact on the environment.

Geothermal resources can be found in places

where it is either excessively hot or cold. This includes areas where ice forms which can freeze and crack and that have sufficient heat to generate electricity. When temperatures are particularly cold, water can be pumped into the ground to generate electricity. The technology for tapping geothermal resources has been available for centuries, but only recently has it been developed sufficiently to be cost-effective. Now, with the aid of solar power, people have a way to tap into this powerful source of green energy without having to build expensive and unsightly dams.

Another technologically advanced

yet a very affordable way to generate electricity from renewable green energy sources is through the use of wind turbines. People have been using windmills for centuries to pump water into farmhouses, but it is only relatively recently that the concept has been adapted for electricity generation. Wind turbines harness the kinetic energy of the wind to turn a generator and, in the process, create electricity. In some regions, it is not possible to build large enough turbines for commercial use, so homeowners can generate power from small ones. There is a downside, though. Although wind power is an extremely viable green energy source, the technology to make it commercially viable is still relatively expensive.

Perhaps the best way to use green energy sources

to reduce your energy bills is to implement solar power as your main green energy source and to supplement your use of wind energy. Although both technologies can significantly reduce your electricity bill, it is wind energy that is the more affordable. If you want to take advantage of the most benefits, then you will want to implement both technologies so that you will have the windmills to pump up the water and the hydroelectric power plants to store it all for future use. This way you can significantly reduce your energy bill while ensuring that you are saving the environment at the same time.

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