The Benefits of Obtaining Energy Performance Certificates for Rental Properties

Energy Performance Certificates

Energy performance certificates are an independent rating system to assess the energy efficiency of commercial buildings. The certificate informs customers how efficient the building is for its size. The certificate also gives advice on how to improve the building’s energy efficiency and tell what options are available to reduce the carbon emissions from buildings.


Energy performance certificates come in three classifications; there is the current standard, the recommended and the highest rating possible. The certificate tells customers how much money they can save on their heating bills. The certificate also gives advice on ways to save money on their electricity bills and gas bills. Energy performance certificates are widely used in most parts of the United Kingdom.


The main things to look for when looking at energy performance certificates are how much floor space can be wasted due to heat loss and how much air conditioning units can be powered by efficient heat recovery units (HERTs). You should also look to see how much noise the building makes and if it has a good insulation. A low energy efficient building has good insulation, so this may help to keep the noise level down. It is estimated that if every house in the United Kingdom had a low rating on the EPC scale then there would be an additional one billion pounds saved annually.

When looking to get the energy performance certificates completed you will have to contact the local authorities who will require that you demonstrate certain criteria such as the specific roof type, average annual daylight hours, the typical energy use and the fuel consumption over each year. You will need to supply details on the equipment used and the amount of electricity and gas used in the commercial building. If you are supplying heat in an office then you will need to demonstrate the typical heat loss over the year and the amount of space heat is lost.


If you want to get a business energy performance certificate then you will need to obtain both a business and a domestic rating. An England and Wales rating are required if you want to trade in England and Wales. A UK rating on the other hand is required if you trade in the United Kingdom. These certifications will give the building owner a certificate that states how energy efficient the building is. You will be able to take these certifications to Europe and other countries if necessary. The United Kingdom and the United States of America are not linked economically and there are no official rules on the transfer of these certifications.

An energy performance certificate for residential buildings is different to an energy performance certificate for commercial buildings. The ratings are normally measured against an Orange Label methodology and this is the system the British government uses to rate buildings against a standard set of criteria. The government will consider how well balanced your property is so it can be expected to heat, cool and light properly. For all homes, it is important to keep the building secure from trespassers and that you keep up with safety standards. It is very easy to obtain an energy performance certificate for rental properties in many of the cities in England and Wales.

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