The Advantages and Disadvantages of Managed Hosting

With the increasing demand for effective Managed IT Services, more companies are choosing to outsource their IT requirements. For many companies, it is more cost-effective and easier to outsource the functions of their Information Technology departments. Outsourcing is also preferred for medium to large business enterprises that require extensive software solutions. However, there is a negative side to outsourcing – it can also lead to communication breakdowns between the client and the outsourcing company. There are steps that companies can take in order to minimize these communication problems.

Managed IT Services


Managed hosting is beneficial to companies because it allows them to have more control over their data. The problem arises when a third party company takes over the hosting part of a website. Typically the hosting company will provide the client with a control panel that will allow them to monitor, install, configure, and use different components of the system. This means that the client will have little or no control over the system in terms of security, privacy, or bandwidth.


The biggest benefit of Managed hosting solutions is its cost effectiveness. By using this kind of hosting, companies can cut down on the costs of purchasing their own hardware and software. The most common hosting solutions for businesses are managed servers, as they allow users to obtain higher uptime. Furthermore, some of the cost cuts that come from using managed services include the reduction of service charge fees and increased bandwidth usage.

Many companies are aware of the benefits that come from using a managed hosting provider. However, a lot of them do not fully understand the level of security that they will get when opting for this kind of hosting solutions. Most Managed-hosting providers provide high levels of security to all of the files and information that users access on the company’s website. This includes data, applications, and operating systems.


The next disadvantage of Managed hosting is that it may not be ideal for some applications. In particular, if the company uses scripting languages on its websites, then this might pose as a security risk. Additionally, installing applications like Java is also not advisable. However, most hosting providers are well capable of handling all forms of scripts.

It is important to keep in mind that Managed hosting is not only the most cost-effective option for a web hosting company. It is also one of the most secure. As a result, many small or medium-sized businesses have realized the tremendous benefits that come with these services. Since most Managed-hosting services offer high levels of security for all of the information that users access, they have become the preferred option for many businesses. Furthermore, they are also very easy to use, even for those without any background in programming or computer science.

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