Select the Best Color Contact Lenses

How to Select the Best Color Contact Lenses?

Though wearing colored contact lenses makes a difference to the color of your eye, the best looks will be different depending on what your actual natural eye color is. This is especially important if you wear contacts that are of a very unusual color. In this article, we will look at what particular colors work best with your eyes. You’ll learn which colors compliment your skin tone, hair color, and other facial features. At the end of this article, there are links to some other useful websites to help you find the best color contact lenses for your eyes.


If you need a new pair of contacts

the first thing you should do is visit an optical shop so you can test your current contacts. If you do not know which color contact lenses are best, then ask an experienced staff to assist you in that aspect. If the staff feels that you are trying to shop irrationally, they may advise you to purchase a different color contact lens than what you want. On the other hand, if you approach an expert and you explain your color vision problem, he may be able to suggest the best solutions to your problems.


After testing your current lenses

you should go back to the optical shop to inquire about the best color contact lenses for your needs. The staff there will tell you about various brands and models available in the market and about their prices. You can try on as many of these lenses as possible until you find the ones that fit your prescription well. Some shops offer free lens disposal after you buy your contacts from them.


Do not forget about special occasions

like your wedding day and your prom night. For these special events, you will require colored contact lenses of really high quality. You will also have to spend a lot of time at the makeup counter because you will need to wear these lenses for a long time. However, once you are done with these events, you can return to regular contacts. A big factor that influences the overall price of a pair of colored contact lenses is the shipping charges.


People with dark eyes and green eyes

have to choose lenses according to the kind of eye colors they have. This is because some dark-skinned people have green eyes and people with light skin have blue or hazel eyes. If you have green eyes, you will have to choose lenses that enhance your hair, skin tone, and eyeshade. If you have blue or hazel eyes, you will have to opt for opaque lenses because these shades do not look good with tinted lenses.


Enhancement tint lenses are the best choice

for those with naturally dark eyes and green eyes. Enhancement tint lenses are available in two variants – black and brown. Usually, a person who has a brown or black eye will get these lenses because these shades complement their natural color. On the other hand, people with green eyes will have to select lenses that enhance their hair, skin, and eyeshade.

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