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Programmatic Advertising

What is programmatic advertising? According to Wikipedia: “Programmatic advertising, sometimes also called digital advertising, is the usage of software to purchase internet advertising on a pay-per-click, pay-per-performance basis. Whereas the conventional method involves requests for quotes, bids, estimates and human negotiation, programmatic advertising utilizes machines and mathematical algorithms to purchase advertisement space.” Sounds easy, right? Well, it’s not quite as simple as that. A programmatic advertising campaign requires careful planning, in order to not only reach a large number of prospective customers, but to also be cost effective.


Programmatic platforms are increasing in popularity amongst businesses due to their ability to streamline campaigns and generate high quality traffic. These programs make use of multiple advertising platforms to create maximum exposure and conversions. It’s like using a dozen different media to attract customers! Some of the popular programmatic advertising platforms available include:

Seller Powered Ads: This programmatic advertising solution provides advertisers with both ssp and dsp capabilities. She stands for sale price per click, while dsp is the discounted rate per impression. Seller Powered AdWords can be integrated with your existing website, and ads are targeted based on keywords. Digital marketing experts believe that Seller Powered Ads offers advertisers a “business-like” approach to digital marketing, where customers are offered the ability to “shop” through a single place, from which they can choose the type of digital marketing campaign that works best for them. To make the most of your advertising dollar, all you need to do is create a listing on Seller Powered and drive qualified traffic to it. You’ll be surprised by how well this ssp and use option works for sellers with a tight budget.


Auto responders: Another tool used by programmatic advertising vendors is auto-responders. These are programmatic software programs that send out pre-drafted response cards to customers, commonly known as outbound or post-dinner emails. Auto-responders work very well in conjunction with the ssp and dsp channels mentioned above. Customers love the opportunity to contact companies immediately and respond at any time of the day or night. With the right channel combination, auto-responders can also encourage repeat customers to stay within your contact lens or opt-in list.

Programmatic Marketing Solutions for Publishers: Programmatic advertising vendors offer publishers a full range of tools to help them manage their online campaigns. These tools include personalization options for buyers, inventory tracking, detailed campaign reports and detailed search optimization reports, among others. Because these programs enable publishers to manage their own buying campaigns, without the assistance of a salesperson or associate, programmatic advertising helps them save money.


Programmatic marketing is a critical component of many successful internet marketing campaigns. It eliminates the need for employees to physically shop, driving up the cost of doing business for the retailer, and reduces the amount of money spent on employee salaries. Without programmatic advertising, internet marketers would have to hire more employees and pay them more, which can increase operating costs significantly. This is because programmatic advertisers only pay for the action that made them click – not for the words that were said. With all the benefits of programmatic marketing to the marketer, it’s no wonder that many publishers are looking toward this new form of direct marketing to make their business more profitable.

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