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Popular Types of Exercise – Get Into Good Shape Now

Exercise is any physical activity that improves or at least maintains health and physical fitness. This activity has been known to increase energy, help with mood and mental state, helps people lose weight, reduces the risk of heart attack and cancer, improves sleep patterns and more. People are increasingly becoming aware of the importance of exercise in their lives and what greater way than going for a guided tour to see some of the world’s great sporting venues. These tours are made possible through various public and private organisations who provide this facility. This is why you need to start planning your exercise routines today so as to stay fit.


You should incorporate variety and endurance activities into your daily routine to reap maximum benefits. Variety is the spice of life and if you include lots of endurance activities like cycling, running, jogging, walking etc. into your daily routine you will definitely have fun. Endurance activities also help improve your flexibility, strengthen your muscles and help you build stamina. And if you are a fan of yoga then this is the perfect exercise for you.

Rowing is a very good form of exercise which can be done by all age groups. The equipment used for rowing is very light and can be used by everyone irrespective of their fitness levels. The different types of exercises that can be done on a row boat are swim up, freestyle, backstroke, power stroke, sidestroke, and butterfly.


Swimming exercises the whole body and increases flexibility. It is one kind of an endurance sport that can be performed alone or with other members of the family. The resistance offered by the water makes this activity challenging and yet very enjoyable for the swimmers. The increase in flexibility offered by the water makes it a very effective exercise for increasing the range of motion of the joints and muscles.

Biking is a great way of exercising the body. You can either cycle for fun or for commuting purpose. You can have your own bike or hire a bike from the local bike shop. This activity is great for cardio vascular system as well as helping to lose weight. Cycling helps in strengthening the leg muscles, ankles, calves and shoulders.


Strong muscles are important for a strong body and there are many different kinds of exercises that can help in building up the muscles of the body. One can do squat, lunges, dead lifts and bench press to build up the muscles. Yoga is also a good way of doing strength training without any strenuous activities. Many people use yoga as a strength training program because it is not as physically demanding as other kinds of strength training. You can also use the basic yoga poses in doing strength training.

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