Learn About the History of the Samurai Sword

Samurai always been associated with success and valor

A samurai sword is a small, single edged sword usually characterized by a square or circular guard with a squared or curvaceous handle and a single blade. Samurai used it mainly for cutting, parrying, striking, and striking from a distance. It was most commonly used by samurai warriors in medieval Japan and used on an everyday basis by common people in the country. It played an important role in the country’s cultural identity. Samurai swords were depicted as an iconic weapon in Japanese culture starting in the 12th century. They have always been associated with success and valor.

The samurai sword has been the subject of many myths and legends. It has been the subject of numerous poems, stories, and plays. One of the most well-known is the story of the forging of the blade by a royal prince. Legend has it that the prince found the ideal spot for laying out his work and there was a dragon sleeping inside the stone. When he woke up from his sleep, the dragon flew away and the prince cut the dragon into several pieces and then welded them together forming the legendary samurai sword.

 sword from one blade to another

The katana was primarily a large knife used for cutting during warfare. Samurai warriors had to use one type of weapon for all of their blade fighting practice. The swords were generally made from high quality steel with a handle fit tightly to make them easy to hold. Because of the weight of the sword and the shape of the blades, it took a lot of practice to perfect the technique of holding a samurai sword correctly.

After the samurai warriors learned to wield these awesome weapons, they adopted the proper way of cutting the blades by practicing with their new found skills. They would spend a great deal of time practicing on rough stones or logs that had sharp rocks placed in them. These exercises taught the Samurai warriors how to swing their blades around and cut at their targets. Eventually, these practice swords were replaced with the iron sword and a short halt was made. This hilt would be attached to a belt, so that the warrior could easily change their sword from one blade to another as the situation changed during battle.

Samurai warriors would always carry their sword even when they were engaged in battle

With time, the length of the blades increased and eventually the entire sword was made even longer. The concept of the perfect samurai sword was to have a sword with a straight blade that could be shortened when necessary. This made the samurai sword the ultimate weapon. Samurai warriors would always carry their sword even when they were engaged in battle.

Even with the short blade, the katana still became one of the most popular and strongest weapons known to Japanese history. When a samurai sword was forged, much care was put into the shape and design of the blade itself. If you want to learn about the history of the samurai sword, there are many books available to help you. Learning about this era in Japanese history is the first step to understanding this fascinating time in Japanese history.

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