Journal For Business – Why Do They Benefit Everyone?

Journaling provides tremendous personal

Professional benefits that go way beyond just that teen’s teenage journal catharsis. New studies reveal that journaling provides myriad physical benefits to individuals battling life-threatening or terminal diseases like AIDS, HIV/AIDS and ulcerative colitis. Even though venting in a journal is no enough. To really benefit from your journal, you should engage in activities that get you out of the house and away from the computer and newspaper.

Some of these journaling activities include:

Studies show that journaling can help improve your immune system by getting you ready to fight off colds and other infections. Another study suggests that it helps you sleep better at night. And yet another study suggests that it also helps you ward off heart disease. These are only two small studies; more research will need to be conducted to verify these claims.

As a business owner, journaling helps you monitor productivity and improve performance. A great example of how journaling can benefit you is if you are working on a new marketing campaign for your business. You can write in your journal about what you did, how you did it and where you should focus your efforts next. This way you can ensure you don’t waste time and money. Journaling in the business world can be highly beneficial as well. Businesses that allow employees the option to journal not only benefit the employees themselves but the company as a whole.

In a recent study, a group of researchers studied sleep patterns of sleep apnea patients. They found that those who practiced journaling consistently and routinely saw improvement with their sleep apnea symptoms. This means that you can not only improve your sleep but actually see results in your overall health too. This is because journaling helps you monitor changes in your body. It helps you see the patterns and then correct them accordingly. In the end, by maintaining a regular journal, journals not only see benefits for themselves, but others too.


Sports professionals have long known that journaling helps them improve their game. A professional runner for example, might notice that he or she begins to log more miles as the week goes along. In order to increase their performance and keep that edge, they keep track of everything they do and when they do it. Doing this is like a master’s degree in sports and gives athletes the competitive edge they need.

Finally, another benefit of keeping a journal for business purposes is that it helps people in a professional setting to manage creativity and problem solving. When a person can look at past history and current circumstances, they become better able to predict future situations. In business, a great manager knows how to use all of their tools and keep the organization moving forward. If they can do this while maintaining a sense of humor, they are truly a master. Journaling helps you achieve just that in a professional environment. In business, you can’t just bark up orders, you have to be able to give reasons too!

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