It is important to know how to prevent roof leaks

Tips For Preventing Roof Leaks

How to Prevent Roof Leaks – It is important to know how to prevent roof leaks to help keep your home safe and secure. A roof leak can cause your whole roof to cave in, causing devastating damage to your property. The good news is, that there are easy steps you can take to avoid roof leaks. The number one preventative measure to avoid roof leaks is to perform a regular inspection of your roof at least twice a year.


The main cause of roof leaks is moisture

Moisture will always make its way into your attic regardless of how many layers of insulation you have installed. If your attic is not equipped with the proper insulation then it is imperative to have it done to stop moisture from penetrating your structure. You should also always make sure there is no exposed flaking or debris anywhere on your house including around exterior walls. If there is any exposed debris such as tree limbs then it can easily cause leaks down the sides of your house.


Another main cause of leaks and water damage is shingle or wood rot

If there is a high amount of organic materials on your roof, such as mulch, then it will often cause leaks and mildew to occur. These organic materials will start to decompose and cause a chemical reaction that will create a reaction with the surrounding moisture. When this happens it will oftentimes create cracks and weak points in the roofing system. This will oftentimes lead to leaks and water damage so it is crucial to regularly inspect your roof for any weak spots or shingles that may be creating these weak points.


The next thing you want to look out for is leaking

where there is excess moisture. Sometimes this will be caused by nearby trees or shrubs that have been damaged or uprooted from their roots. If you see any signs of uprooted branches, damaged leaves, or twigs in the area of your roof, then you should know that there is a likely leak present. You should take all measures necessary to repair or remove these branches or twigs as they will cause more damage than they already are. Removing these objects is especially important if you have young children or pets that frequent the areas of your roof that are prone to leaks such as the attic.


The best way to avoid roof leaks

is to make sure there is nothing on your roof that is causing it to leak. For instance, using metal flashings on the edges of the roof will prevent any leaking since the metal will stop anything from touching the sides of it. Using paint on the edges of your roof is also a good idea. You should never paint the flashing on the side because the paint could rub off on the sides and cause water damage. The best way to find the leaks though is to use a wet/dry vacuum.


You should take your time to inspect your roof for leaks

because repairing them can require extensive repairs. If you find leaks on your roof that are easy to fix, then you should try to fix them as soon as possible to minimize the amount of damage that is caused. Remember, if you notice leaks on your roof that are not easily fixed, you should get them repaired right away. Roofing professionals are great at discovering leaks and fixing them, but you are better off doing this yourself.

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