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How Can An Employment Attorney Help Employers And Employees Locate A Lawyer?

Labour law applies to all aspects of employment, including employment relationships at the workplace, collective bargaining, contract terms, dismissal, harassment, maternity and paternity and recruitment and selection. Collective bargaining relates to collective agreements reached between employers and employees at the workplace. Collective bargaining laws protect the interests of employees, their right at work and through collective agreements about wages, conditions of employment and other employment-related matters.


The right to strike is regulated by the Employment Relations Act 1992. The Act prohibits employers from terminating employees for going on strike or for exercising freedom of association. Trade unions are engaged in collective bargaining to obtain better pay and working conditions for their members. The main role of the lawyer is to represent the interests of employees or workers who have gone on strike or who have been victims of workplace discrimination.

Employers must not discriminate against employees in the workplace because of age, race, gender, sexual orientation or any other protected grounds. These laws aim to ensure equality of opportunity for all. The employment lawyers help the workers to claim compensation for damages and harassment meted out against them.

Some other issues covered include wage theft by an employer, sexual harassment in the workplace, dismissal and redundancy. Wage theft by an employer occurs when an employee is allocated a lower paying job because of his race, age or gender. Sexual harassment in the workplace is any unwelcome sexual advances, propositions, or comments by a person that can make a person feel offended. Racist comments, insults or discriminatory comments can also constitute as sexual harassment. Overtime payment is another area where workers have suffered disadvantages.


There are different types of discrimination in the workplace such as racial discrimination, age discrimination, religion and sex discrimination. Workplace safety and health policies must be complied with and there are laws that protect employees from accidents at the workplace. The employment law also covers workers’ compensation and other workers’ rights. These are all the areas that are covered by the employment law.

To help employers and employees to defend their rights, it is essential for the employment attorney to be knowledgeable on the different employment laws. This ensures that he knows the different methods that are available to tackle cases of discrimination. These rights can be claimed only after a lawsuit has been filed. This will help employers and employees fight back against any charges of workplace safety and health hazards. It will also help employers to improve the working environment and ensure better work standards.

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