Gay Pride Flag History

Pride Flag History

The pride flag is a prominent symbol of pride for members of gay/bi-sexual communities worldwide. It has served as an inspiration for many a movement, rally, and action. Here are five facts about the pride flag.


Realistic design. 100% cotton. Sizes small, medium, large, extra large, all of the rainbow flags have been sized and designed to represent a real rainbow, but this real rainbow has never before been assembled into a solid design, complete with a hook, eyelet, and zipper.


The new rainbow design was created from a mix of the old and the new. The old flag had a Canton and a rainbow background, which were the inspiration for the new flag. Both the background and Canton had the classic elements of the rainbow: a rainbow, a circle, and stars, arranged in a basic pattern. The combination of these two basic elements gave the designers a wide range of colorful options to convey.

The hot pink color of the new rainbow flag complements the color scheme of the gay community’s main colors. The rainbow colors have also long since symbolized gay pride in literature, theater, music, and film. The hot pink color has become the sexiest color of all. Many people associate the rainbow flag with the sexual liberation of the gay and lesbian community. As a result, the original design included a star with four equal sides with the colors of the gay and lesbian community on both sides.


The design originated as an all-white flag with an eagle sitting perched on a white backdrop. But the addition of the hot pink color gave the gay community more colors to express themselves. Some people might even say that the addition of the hot pink color is the most significant change to the gay pride flag history. It certainly sparks a lot more conversation than the all white original.

The flag that we now know as the rainbow flag has taken its place among the world’s flags. It is the symbol that represents acceptance and love. It is a symbol that is accepted around the world. It represents a unique and beautiful pastime, a fun hobby, and a community of mutual support.


Many feel it is unnecessary to have the rainbow colors of the gay pride displayed prominently in public buildings and on their car bumper stickers. They do not like the constant media attention. Some people feel that displaying the rainbow symbol on their clothing or other items to help to promote their belief system. In short, they believe it is a way to promote the gay and lesbian community but they do not object to the rainbow colors on their vehicle bumper sticker.

There is no argument that the Pride flag is a significant part of the gay and lesbian community history. And it will continue to be a part of their lives for as long as there are rainbow colors. If you want to support the gay and lesbian community, show your support by purchasing the pride flag. You will enjoy the symbolism and meaning. You will also enjoy the pride flag as part of your proud gay identity.

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