Fundraising Strategies to Fight Hunger and Poverty

Organizations around the world are looking for creative ways to raise funds to help feed the hungry, clothe the poor and provide housing for families who need it the most. With global financial crises and unstable leadership, many organizations have gone out of business or gone on small “business breaks.” The need for these organizations to raise funds continues to grow as organizations struggle with reduced budgets. The following are some simple, yet effective, Top Tips for organizations to raise funds to fight hunger and poverty:


solicited donations from people living in your community

People in your community will feel very connected to you, know and love you and will be more likely to give you money when asked. Ask friends and family members for donations to fund programs. Organizers may suggest contacting the Rotary Club, local church groups, or other organizations for fundraising efforts. Always provide people in your community with detailed information about how the funds will be used and where they will go after the funds are collected. Use your influence to get your organization listed on these groups’ websites.


* Set up a food pantry – If your group is large, set up a food pantry to help feed the people in your area who can’t afford to feed their families on their own. Contribute your time and skills as much as you can to set up food bank programs in local grocery stores. People who are on a fixed income such as the disabled or elderly, working parents, and single mothers will appreciate your help. You can meet with other fundraising organizations to find ways to connect with others in similar situations. There is also a national network of food pantry coordinators available.


* Sponsor sports events and concerts – sponsor a concert or other event to raise funds for fund development. Contact the local chamber of commerce and community organizations to advertise your upcoming fund-raiser. Some events include raffles, silent auctions, and live entertainment. Your goal is to get as many people as possible involved in your cause. Some great ideas include silent auctions and Ticketmaster sales.


* Develop fundraising programs – There are so many ways that you can raise funds for fund development projects. One very simple way is by selling products at a discount or giving away products. Other popular methods include selling CDs, brochures, and bumper stickers. There are also many fundraising programs at local events such as car washes, craft shows, and flea markets. Consider launching a fund development program that will use one or more of these fundraising strategies to further raise funds.


As you see, there are many ways that you can raise funds for fund development projects. Some fund development strategies may seem a bit strange, but the more unusual ones stand a better chance of getting people to donate and participate in your cause. Once people see how other people are using creative ways to raise funds for their cause, they are more likely to join in!

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