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Event Ideas For Your Next Conference Or Webinar

Are you looking for ways to plan an event that has proven to work? If so, we have just the thing for you! The following article was created as a reference for those interested in promoting or starting an online business using online events as a platform. Unfortunately, without a central “button” (that knows all), there is just no such button. But here is the bad news: we have compiled this list of 85 amazing event ideas to wow your attendees.


First up is a terrific survey tool.

It lets you ask your attendees questions about current events (of interest to them). Based on their answers, you can then take polls on issues of importance to your audience. For example, would your audience be more inclined to buy a product if it was endorsed by an important celebrity or political figure? How about a concert held at your home town’s biggest sports arena? These are just some of the examples we’ve used to create unique event ideas.


Another terrific resource for event ideas

is using social media hashtags. For example, let’s say you’re having a discussion on workplace communication and feel the following discussion topic could benefit from some participants participating:” wifi hotspots in public places.” Now think about the social media hashtags that could be used to encourage participants to use the #wifihotpot Hashtag. Twitter and Facebook would likely be major players. A third alternative might be a slide show of the social media hashtags with a link to your presentation–an idea nicely captured by this last example.


Next up

we have the classic online event branding convention: a one-on-one webinar, teleseminar, or video presentation on a popular topic. The advantages of this convention include allowing you to brand yourself and brand your product, driving targeted traffic to your website, increasing brand awareness, and of course, the opportunity for you and your audience to engage in a one-on-one conversation. The disadvantages include: If you can’t find a reliable mentor or guide to help you build your brand, you may get frustrated and end up quitting before the project is completed; and assuming you can find one, how will you pay for the cost of the travel, venue rental, and set-up fees? Also, if you do this, will your audience come?


Last but not least

another event idea that is not as traditional as a seminar or webinar is a round table discussion. Each of the five participants is invited to speak on a related topic; afterward, everyone gathers around and engages in a candid and interactive Q&A session. As long as your participants are willing to share their expertise, develop good relationships, take the questions seriously and answer them with total conviction, a round table discussion can be an extremely powerful event idea. Some tips for success include: Have a panel of experts participate in developing the agenda, and creating a structure that allows for plenty of opportunities for questions and Q&A.


As you can see

there are plenty of ways to make your next event successful, but if your goal is to build organizational skills and create lasting relationships, then a discussion with a seasoned professional organizer is your best option. The beauty of the “round table” format is that everyone gets a chance to contribute something, the moderator spends a lot of time just observing the discussions, and you collect valuable feedback and suggestions from your participants. And unlike most brainstorming sessions, you will also have a panel of experts present to answer any questions your attendees may have. Remember that even the most seasoned leaders need a regular “break,” and this is one way to get it. So the next time you’re planning an upcoming event, consider all of these highly effective event formats and consider organizing your own round table discussion.

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