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Electric Cars

Many car buyers are becoming interested in electric cars, mainly because of the rising costs of gas and the growing concern over the damage that vehicles are doing to the environment. Concerns over air quality, water pollution, and global warming have also contributed to people’s rethinking about owning a car.

made for younger buyers

This is especially true of younger consumers who were once just concerned with buying a practical vehicle. As electric cars became more popular, there was a sudden rush of subcompact vehicles that were designed to be easily modified and that was made for younger buyers. Nowadays, electric cars are also becoming extremely popular among senior citizens who are interested in purchasing a vehicle that does not use gas.


One of the primary reasons why electric cars are more attractive to younger buyers is the fact that they are much more fuel-efficient than conventional vehicles. Although electric cars do produce some pollution, it is very small, about 10 grams per mile for an average electric car. This is well below the emissions produced by larger SUVs and minibusses. In addition, when depleted, batteries can also be recharged using alternate power, usually a dedicated small-voltage electric provider, from a wall outlet or a solar panel.

no need to use hydrogen

As for battery technology advances, electric vehicles will not need to make use of expensive hydrogen-fueled cells as a power source any longer. Hydrogen is still a far too expensive commodity to make use of, despite being widely available. The cost of mining the supply of hydrogen and making it accessible to the automotive industry is also very high. If electric cars are to become more popular, then some type of advanced battery technology must be developed, one which is more accessible to automotive producers.

require very strong batteries

Electric cars require very strong batteries in order to work properly, since the electricity produced needs to be very high current, in order to power the high voltages in the motor. The problem with a weak or improperly constructed battery is that it will not have sufficient juice to power the electric automobile’s motor at all times, thus resulting in the car being effectively useless. While this is not a big concern with small cars like the hybrid, it can cause serious problems in medium to large size vehicles that use the same battery technology.

fully autonomous system

However, there is good news regarding the issue of weak or non-charging batteries. Many car manufacturers are incorporating technology into their vehicles that allow them to function using only stored energy when there is not a load of electricity being used on the vehicle. These systems use a “fully autonomous” system that allows the driver to leave the vehicle and still charge its battery. This type of system was originally developed for the military’s autonomous cars, which were able to cruise along without having to be plugged into any kind of power source at all.

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