choosing the right shoes for prom

Which Shoes For Prom Should I Wear?

Choosing shoes for prom can be a real challenge, particularly when you’re in a rush to get out. Luckily, there are many excellent choices available that will make your entire experience of going out to prom night that much more fun. One key consideration is the type of school you’re attending. Different schools have different dress codes for prom. It’s best to find out this information as early as possible, so you can prepare for what’s required.


Most prom shoes are black or dark grey

but some opt for something a little different. Most have plastic spikes on the bottom, rather than the traditional rubber ones that wear out easily. Your heels must be comfortable to you, and you should choose an appropriate shoe with a comfortable heel height. Heeled-high shoes are most likely to fall off and cause you discomfort. The right shoe has the right heel height, so it’s important to pay attention to this.


What colour do you want your dress to be?

Black is a popular choice, as it goes with almost every colour, but if you’re going for something a little different, consider choosing a different colour for your shoes. Choose a colour that suits your dress well. Bright red shoes might not go with a black dress, for example. Shoes can even be combined with dresses – you can look at several different colours and choose one that goes together. If your dress has a specialised colour designed to enhance your legs, such as a mermaid dress, for instance, you may want to wear a colour that compliments it well.


In terms of dress style, block heels are very popular.

Block heels, which are either crappy or have a high heel, are perfect for wearing with a dress with a low cut neckline or a fitted bodice. You can also opt for platform heels if you’d prefer your dress to have a more casual look, and for a casual yet elegant look, satin or lace-up boots are ideal.


The type of dress you’re wearing will also determine which kind of shoes you need.

Formal dresses need to have heels that are a certain height. Wearing a flat pair of shoes isn’t appropriate for a formal dress. Also, it’s probably not a good idea to wear a pair of stilettos or flip-flops for a night out. Flip-flops can cause you to slip easily, especially in the cold and damp environment of the evening.


As a reminder

remember that you’ll also need to take into consideration your own feet, and what kind of foot support you need. Your shoes should provide ample cushion for your toes, ankles and heel. This means that you should choose a pair of shoes that offer support for your ankle. If you find that your feet tend to feel sore after a few hours of shoe shopping, you should consider buying some inexpensive foot-beds so that you can prevent soreness from occurring.

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