Becoming a Dental Assistant

Dental Assistant

A Dental Assistant (DA’s) is someone who works with dentists. Their job is to help the dentists in their work by providing all the necessary assistance for patients who are having oral surgery done. The DAs will assist the dentist by passing the required materials to the dentist and also will take care of all the unimportant details such as filling of prescriptions and charting patient’s records. It is their duty to inform the dentist about the patient’s history, current condition, any allergies that the patient may have and to prepare the patient for any oral surgery that is going to be done.

Dental Assistant

The dental assistants are supervised by the hygienist. Hygienists are also known as the dental technicians. Some of the duties of the DAs include preparing fillings, taking care of the instruments that are used during any dental procedure and sterilizing dental tools. They are also responsible for taking and developing X-rays and making them available to the dentist. They are also responsible for passing any medical examinations that a dentist requires for his patient. DAs also provide basic oral health education to the patients.

The DAs will be able to teach the patients how to brush teeth and also will be taught how to use the dental care equipment such as toothbrushes and toothpaste. They are supposed to give lectures on oral hygiene and dental care to patients so that they will be able to maintain good dental health and dental hygiene. They are supposed to educate the patients on emergency dental care and teach them how to recognize the early stages of tooth decay.


The DAs have to be licensed and certified by the state in which they work. They are expected to know and learn all the necessary things that are required by the dentist for his treatment. They will also be familiar with the laboratory techniques that are used in dentistry and the equipments that are used. It is their duty to carry dental laboratory materials such as dental specimens, instruments, lab coat and gloves. DAs are also expected to follow the rules and regulations of the dental clinic. This will ensure that the dental care that is given to the patient adheres to accepted dental and medical procedures.

To become a dental assistant, one needs to have a high school diploma or the equivalent. There are certain courses and programs that need to be completed before one can become a dental assistant. After passing the necessary examinations, you will need to undergo training on the job. During the training, you will be given lectures and practical training on different dental procedures that you will have to perform on patients. On your training, you will also learn the administration part of a dentist office such as billing, insurance, and scheduling appointments, taking care of the laboratory and maintaining patient records.

DAs have to be friendly and have great customer service skills. They must be very patient and polite to all patients. They must be able to communicate effectively with dentists and doctors. Your oral and written skills must also be above average. To become an effective DAs, you should be willing to work closely with a dentist and the other members of the staff.

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