A Guide to Katana Swords

A Guide to Katana Swords – A Learning Experience For the Beginner

There are many different types of martial arts weapons, but the Katana Sword is one of the most iconic and well-known. They can be found in the movies, books, and comics from Japan and they have even been shown on television in America. While there is no definitive list of which styles of Katana swords are allowed in American Martial Arts Fights, it is safe to say that they are accepted in competitions and other forms of self-defense teaching. So, what is a katana sword?


First of all, let’s take a look at the history of katana swords.

Created in ancient Japan, they were used primarily for cutting-edge military operations. The concept of the katana swords was adopted from the Samurai, who also used them for striking and slashing in battle. It wasn’t until much later that the popularity of this style of swords started spreading throughout the Japanese population.


It is important to understand that all Katana Swords

are created by making a single piece of metal into multiple layers. Each layer has a specific purpose:


Making these words can take many years.

The first layers of the blade are generally made from carbonized steel called tungsten. Tungsten Carbide is hard and durable but is not strong enough to be used for making a real weapon. The next layers are usually made from a more indestructible metal called molybdenum. This metal is also hard, but it is still too soft to be used in sword blades, so it was often mixed with carbonate to create the final composition.


There are two popular styles of Katana swords

Showa-Shodan, and San-Yori. Showa-Shodan is a katana sword that incorporates a flat fuller into the handle to make the blade heavier and give it a sturdier feel. San-Yori swords, however, have a flat top portion that is more curved to fit the hand. Both styles are popular worldwide, and there are different styles for each country. For example, in Japan swords of the San-Yori style can be seen in both plain and decorated versions.


With so many choices, what is the best choice for a beginner?

A good guide to katana swords will explain all of the options available. It should also help the beginning swordsman select the right type of weapon for him or her. While learning how to wield a sword may be intimidating, it can be an enjoyable experience. Katana swords offer a way for people to learn discipline and a way to learn to protect themselves.

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